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Report: Occupations

         Description: This report generates a list of persons with known occupations. It omits living persons.

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# Last Name, Given Name(s) Occupation
1 ROBERTS, Mary Ella  45 years in public housing sector 
2 D'AMOURS, Louis de Chauffours  Acadian seigneur, fur-trader and soldier 
3 SLAY, Peter A.  antiques dealer 
4 LANE, Howard David  appliance repairman 
5 FOUNTAIN, Henry F. Jr.  architect 
6 MCLURE, Thomas Carlyle Jr.  attorney 
7 BRYANT, Ray  attorney 
8 PITALO, Lynn  audiologist 
9 BLESSEY, Earl Jr.  Band director at Biloxi High School 
10 BOYD, Barbara  bank vice-president and commercial loan officer 
11 NELSON, Thomas  Baptist Minister; also owned salt mine in Bon Secour 
12 PICKICH, Sharon Louise  beautician 
13 EAVES, Nelda Fay  beautician 
14 VINCENT, Linda  BellSouth executive 
15 JOHNSON, Ollof A.  blacksmith 
16 FOUNTAIN, Henry Frank Sr.  boat builder 
17 DUGGAN, George  boat captain 
18 FOUNTAIN, William  boat carpenter 
19 ANGLADO, William  boating and fishing 
20 ANGLADO, Pedro  boating and fishing with sons 
21 BENNETT, James Edward  boatman, oyster boat 
22 GOLLOTT, George W.  boatman; also, by 1927, owned bakery and grocery store 
23 RAFIELD, William Webb  brick layer 
24 GUTIERREZ, Ramon Gray  businessman (nightclubs, produce, seafood) 
25 SEYMOUR, Lazarus  butcher from age 26; before that stock raising, farming 
26 BAUDREAU, Jean  butcher, soldier and farmer 
27 BILLS, John  cabinet maker 
28 FORETICH, Giovanni  captain 
29 MORIN, Francis Delmas  captain of a schooner in 1880 
30 BAUDREAU, Sieur Jean Baptiste dit Graveline  captain of Pascagoula militia; trader of furs, ships, cattle and agricultural goods 
31 CORMIER, Thomas Charles  carpenter 
32 BENNETT, Andrew Jackson  carpenter 
33 BENNETT, James  Carpenter 
34 BAUDREAU, Gabriel  carpenter and businessman 
35 SEYMOUR, Narciss  carpenter at age 21; later in retail seafood business 
36 NEWMAN, Phillip Lance  casino worker 
37 FORETIĆ, Domitar  caterer 
38 OGLESBY, Douglas  CEO & President, AdVu Digital Solutions 
39 ROSETTI, Louis Sr.  Chief of Police 
40 GUTIERREZ, Fernando Domingo  cigarmaker 
41 GUTIERREZ, Louis Joseph  civil engineer 
42 FORETICH, Antun  civil servant 
43 FORETICH, Franco  civil servant 
44 SEAMAN, William C.  Clerk of courts, Harrison County, Mississippi 
45 FORETICH, Silvio  composer/musician 
46 NEWMAN, Walter Edward Jr.  construction engineer 
47 COWAN, Robert Clifton Jr.  Construction, road-building at RC Cowan Construction Company in Florida 
48 COWAN, Robert Clifton III  Construction/road building 
49 VINCENT, Troy  contractor 
50 NEWMAN, Lawrence  contractor; owner of Legions Theater, Gulfport, Mississippi 

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