Our Family History

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Family Tree Information form

A list of the general information sought about each family member added to the family tree.

NAME: first, middle and last name at birth (maiden name for married women) as well as any nickname that everyone knew them by and any other names they went by during their life

BIRTH: date and place
[If the person was adopted: date of adoption decree and names of birth parents, if known, and adoptive parents]

EDUCATION: high school class and college degrees with name of school, subject and year of graduation


RELIGION, including church attended

MARRIAGE: date and place of each marriage
Divorce: date and place

FAMILY: Names of father, mother, spouse and children (with this same list of information provided for each person, to the extent possible)

DEATH: date, place and cause of death

BURIAL: date and place (name of cemetery and location)

OTHER NOTES: Anything else noteworthy, e.g. military service, where they lived, hobbies, honors, interesting stories about them

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