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Parents and other ancestors of George Duggan

Looking for information confirming the parents of George Duggan. Seems that his father was named John Duggan and that his mother may have been named Margaret. Were they born in Ireland? Was George born in Ireland or the United States? Did his parents ever immigrate?
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Parents of James Lawrence Slay (1853-1901)

No definitive research has yet connected James Lawrence Slay to other branches of the Slay family. It's possible that he was the son of Daniel Thomas Slay of Baldwin County, Alabama, but research is ongoing.
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Parents of Willie Rafield Slay

William Webb Rafield and Laura Frances Boss were the parents of Willie Rafield Slay (1884-1939). The only information I have on William Webb Rafield is that he was a bricklayer who was born in Pennsylvania in 1844 and died in 1900. Census records indicate that his parents also were born in Pennsylvania. Laura Boss appears to have been born in Alabama around 1857. Her father, Louis Boss, was from France, and her mother, Sophie, was from Bremen, Germany. I'd like to determine when these families migrated to the Gulf Coast and and where William and Laura met. I'd also like to trace the lines further back.
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 Mystery Photos

Mystery photo #1

Found in photo album of Melba Fay Foretich Gutierrez and Henry S. Gutierrez. If you know who these women are, please let me know.
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Mystery photo #2

Found in photos of Henry S. Gutierrez. Back is dated "March 8, 1936." I believe the boys are Henry Gutierrez and one of his brothers. Who is the man in the hat?
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