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201 Date may be incorrect--after birth of child Family F403
202 date of admission BOSARGE, John Baptiste Jr. (I185)
203 date of death wrong or date of birth of Nicholas REUTNER, Elizabeth (I1404)
204 date? LANDRY, Justice (I716)
205 Daughter of Charles Sessel, Sr. Not sure which of his wives is her mother. PIQUE, Lynne (I1929)
206 Daughter of Doma Nobilo and Ante Duzevich. Descendant of Giustina (b. 1815) daughter of Vincenzo Foretich Mom grew up on Korcula in the Nobilo home on Vela Glavica in Lumbarda. Brilliant, Mom aimed to become a mathematician in her youth. She earned a chance to go on to higher education in Russia, but due to dangers of travel in the WWII era, she could not go. We sensed her regret over that and other wartime loss and suffering, but we also felt her joy whenever she spoke of her beloved Korcula -- especially of the sea. In the 1950’s mom married my father, moved to California, and had five children. Happy at first, life in the US later got harder for mom. After a stroke left her mother Doma bedridden, my mother took care of her for over twenty years while working full time and raising a family. Mom also lost two children to tragic circumstances and my father to cancer before her. Mom was so strong – and such a great mom. Wewished nothing more than for my mom someday to have a chance to go back to see her beloved Korcula, but her health declined much in rcent years, especially in this past year. Wishing you peace and happiness as you embark on your journey to your angels and to a better place Draga Majka Moja.
---Kathy Arbanasin (daughter) on Facebook, October 12, 2014 
DUŽEVIĆ, Justina (I5093)
207 Death record says died at age of 84 on 1/20/1823, so birthdate may not be accurate. CUSPILICH, Francesco (I891)
208 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BROWN, Richard Burton Jr. (I1613)
209 Departed from Naples, Italy ROSETTI, Vincent T. (I2972)
210 departed from Trieste on ship Martha Washington ROSETTI, Frances Marie (I4301)
211 departed Trieste RACIC, Margarete (I4308)
212 Descendant of Christian Ladner. Family came over with D'Iberville. LADNER, Mary "Elizabeth" (I1599)
213 Described as having auburn hair and being 5'4" (french measurements).

Records of "Le Marie" refer to him as being from Pitersene. 
LADNER, Christian (I1401)
214 Did not take husband's name. HILTON, Lydia (I2893)
215 died as an infant ROBERTS, (I1964)
216 died at 3 months old TIBLIER, Natasha (I2693)
217 died at 9 days old WEEKLEY, Joseph (I1976)
218 died at age 8 D'ABBADIE, Jean-Pierre (I1665)
219 died at age 8 of yellow fever BENNETT, Delia (I813)
220 died at her residence VICENTES, Caroline (I34)
221 died at his residence WEBB, James Oliver (I36)
222 died at home SLAY, William Gray III (I577)
223 died at home BRYANT, John Jackson (I1835)
224 died at home SHAW, Jeanette (I2725)
225 Died in accident at age 5. FORETICH, Doris (I266)
226 died in Lee Creek? PETERS, Nathaniel (I1286)
227 died in New Orleans? ANGLADA, Louis (I2964)
228 died of fever at age 10 BENNETT, Agnes (I338)
229 died of pneumonia-Civil War FAYARD, Gilbert (I306)
230 Died on the schooner Emma Harvey when it was lost at sea in a hurricane along with son Arthur and nephew Lawrence Bennett. DUGGAN, George (I546)
231 Died with his father on the schooner Emma Harvey, when it was lost at sea in a hurricane. He was a newlywed at the time. DUGGAN, Arthur (I547)
232 died young D'ABBADIE, Unknown (I1692)
233 died young, buried in family tomb ANGLADA, Peter (I4498)
234 Don't confuse this Marie Jeanne Carco with Marie Jeanne Carco b. October 20, 1755, wife of Jacques Ladner dit Mathurin. CARCO, Marie Jeanne (I2084)
235 Don't confuse this Marie Jeanne Carco with the one who was the wife of Andre Fournier (The Widow Bourgeois). That Marie Jeanne Carco was probably the aunt of this one. CARCO, Marie Jeanne (I1414)
236 Don't confuse with Joseph Ladner, son of Nicholas Ladner, who married Rosalie Fayard. LADNER, Joseph (I2069)
237 Dropped the second 'g' in Duggan while serving in the Corps of Engineers. "I remember him telling me a couple different stories about similar names on the boats or something. I also heard he killed someone in a prize fight as he was a boxer and had to leave Biloxi and drop the G for a while? Not sure...." DUGGAN, Walter (I793)
238 drowned in Back Bay FORETICH, Isabella (I233)
239 drowned in Pascagoula Bay while oystering; body never found BOSARGE, Edmund Victor Sr. (I1831)
240 During the course of his life, he had problems with French authorities and was subject to imprisonment several times. Despite his warm relations with Bienville, he was regarded with suspicion by some French authorities, because of his unique relationship with the local Native American population, due in no large part because of his half Indian heritage. At the same time however, he was a vital part of the French colonial operation, as he was often the one who was sent on trading excursions into Creek territory. In the 1740s, he had been imprisoned by French authorities on kidnapping charges related to an excursion he took to Havana, Cuba. He broke out of prison and took refuge in Native American villages north of Mobile. The native Americans refused to engage in any further trade with the French until he was pardoned. Governor Vandrieul petitioned for King Louis XV to drop the charges, which he did.

In the 1750s, Baudreau was imprisoned at the French prison on modern day Cat Island, Mississippi for charges of illegal salvaging wrecked ships. In 1757, soldiers stationed at the prison, staged a mutiny and killed the commanding officer. They took Graveline hostage and forced him to be their guide as they went into the hinterlands away from the colony. They provided him with a signed certificate saying he had not been a party to the mutiny. Goveror Kerlerec had him court martialed and he was sentenced to death. He was executed by breaking wheel in front of the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 7, 1757. He is the only person ever to be executed in the America's by the breaking wheel. The French authorities subsequently mutilated what were left of his remains and deposited them in the Mississippi River. A movement is currently ongoing by some of his descendants to get the City of New Orleans to erect a marker in Jackson Square commemorating his life and brutal execution at that site.

In the 1740s, he began having an affair with a girl named Marie Henriette Huet, whose family owned a plantation in the area around modern day Portersville Bay. He had several illegitimate children with her, the majority of whom would use the surname of Baptiste (in modern day Mobile, this has evolved into Battiste). In 1747, while he was on the run from French authorities following his prison escape, the mother of his illegitimate children, Marie Henriette Huet, filed a claim with the French authorities for support of her children. The senior Graveline, the grandfather of the children, agreed to help provide for their support. Baudreau's affair with Marie Henriette Huet served as the basis for the book "The Passion of the Princes" by author Eloise Genest.

Baudreau was the 6th great-grandfather of singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett, the 6th great-grandfather of actress Diane Ladd, 7th great-grandfather of actress Laura Dern, and the 5th great-grandfather of Mobile, Alabama cook, socialite and television personality Connie Bea Hope. 
BAUDREAU, Jean Baptiste dit Graveline II (I1266)
241 During the Deportation of 1755, Charles was aboard a transport ship, the Pembroke, which was bound for North Carolina. A revolt onboard the ship, led by Charles Belliveau, of the Acadian men against their English captors succeeded and the ship was turned around and sailed up the St. John River to St. John where the Acadians disembarked. Some of the Acadians travelled on foot to Quebec where Charles died during a small pox epidemic that hit the area 2 years later, claiming the lives of many of the Acadians who had escaped the Deportations. MELANSON, Charles (I1043)
242 During the depression of 1929, they struggled for survival and managed by eating lots of seafood and wild game such as rabbits, quail and squirrel. Mr. Harry S. Truman came along one April day in 1933 and rented their house on Highway 90. He was a District Judge at that time. They were later to know him as the 33rd President of the United States. Family F30
243 Eldest surviving son of Mathieu Damours de Chauffours and Marie Marsolet.

Purchased slave named John Gyles in 1695. In 1696, Gyles helped save his master's home on the Saint John River from destruction during a British attack and was later freed for his act of loyalty. Gyles's memoirs were published in 1736. 
D'AMOURS, Louis de Chauffours (I1057)
244 elected midwife by the assembly of the women of the parish St Thomas, on November 21, 1703. HEBERT, Francoise (I1423)
245 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BLESSEY, Gerald Henry (I28)
246 Emigrated from Croatia to South Africa. FORETIĆ, Pietro Mario Giorgio (I3245)
247 Emigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina and from there, to Punta Arenas, Chile.

Journal "El Magallanes" January 2, 1936:

After having endured a long illness, died today in this city known and former neighbor, Don Natalio S. Foretich linked to known families in the locality.
The death of Mr. Foretich has caused great sense of regret in his social relations, especially in the many different types of institutions to which he belonged, having delivered to them during the years he lived in Magallanes your entisiasmo and best energies to bring them to a degree of positive progress.
Mr. Foretich born in Korcula, Dalmatia and seventeen years voyage to this continent began reaching Magallanes in 1889. He had the opportunity during his long residence in this province, to be eyewitness various important events that relate to the life of the Territory. In trade, construction works and in various other activities, lent her more determined to contest everything that was good of the people and their general advancement.
He was in this city, Mr. Foretich an honorable home now feels the pain of her disappearance with the same sense of grief with its vast relationships mourn his death.
His funeral will take place tomorrow at 18.30 hours starting the courtship of Mexicana street number 1118. (translated by Ricardo Foretich Oyarzun, 7/22/2013) 
FORETIĆ, Natale Giovanni Antonio (I3241)
248 Emigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina and from there, to Punta Arenas, Chile. FORETICH, Giovanni Luigi Francesco (I3243)
249 Employed by Biloxi Freezing Company from 1948-1972. He formed M&M Shrimp Company, Inc. with partner Joe Suarez in 1972 and served as President. He formed Carolina Shrimp Exchange in 1977 and served as vice-president. Also formed Biloxi Shrimp Exchange, which he operated until around 1983.

Served on Nativity Parish School Board. Appointed to Biloxi Taxi Board and Biloxi City Planning Commission.

Past president of Revelers Carnival Association. 
GUTIERREZ, Henry Slay (I2)
250 Ended education after 9 years. In many civic organizations: The Biloxi Businessman’s Club and the Elks (of which he was past Exalted Ruler) and many carnival associations. He was instrumental in the building of Howard Memorial Hosopital and founded the Biloxi Freezing Company in 1946.

He loved to dance, travel and debate. One of his favorite projects was keeping a scrapbook filled with newspaper accounts of all the Gutierrez clan.

By 1927, he worked as retail manager of the Mississippi Ice & Utilities Co. started by his father. At that time, it was located on the corner of the railroad and Delauney St. (present-day George Ohr Sr.). He later took over the business and renamed it Biloxi Ice Serve Co.

The Biloxi Freezing Company was built at Bohn and Railroad on the site of the old Gutierrez home and coal yard. It cost $200,000 and opened in 1946. 
GUTIERREZ, Lee Paul Sr. (I8)

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