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This website contains family history and ancestry information for more than 5,000 members of our family tree. Among the many surnames represented are Gutierrez, Foretich, Slay, Duggan, Venus, Bosarge, Bennett and Wells.

The information on this site has been gathered from a wide variety of sources, including public and private records, research by other genealogists, and recollections of family members. It is not guaranteed to be correct or complete. Please submit any corrections or additional information by using this contact form.

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Selected histories:

Gutierrez-Slay Foretich-Duggan
Chief Madockawando
Nicolas Marsolet III
William Gray Slay
Robert Edward Slay
Jean Vincent d'Abbadie
Berry Wells
William Lee Davidson
George Duggan
Lurline Foretich Lane


Here are some people I'm actively researching:
  • Parents of Fernando Domingo Gutierrez, b. ca. 1825 in Seville, Spain
  • Parents and other ancestors of George Duggan, b. 1869
  • Parents of James Lawrence Slay, b. 1859
  • Parents of Willie Rafield Slay

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You can help this site serve as a rich resource for all family members. To contribute corrected or additional information, research, photos, or documents, or just share your recollections and stories, please contact me. The Family Tree Information form lists the general information sought for each person on the family tree.

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